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Outpacing the S&P 500® Index since our inception. 

                DRIPX (total cumulative returns): 253.47%

                S&P 500® Index (total cumulative returns): 229.61%

                Also, the Large Cap Value Category (total cumulative returns): 213.28%

And doing that with less risk and volatility as seen by our lower than market Beta.

                15-year Beta vs. the S&P 500 Index: 0.95

                10-year Beta vs. the S&P 500 Index: 0.96

                5-year Beta vs. the S&P 500 Index: 0.90

                3-year Beta vs. the S&P 500 Index: 0.92

Outpacing our Value peer group over every reporting period: 

                20 years ending February 28th, 2019: DRIPX: 253.47%

                                                                              Large Cap Value ("Category"): 213.28%

                15 years ending February 28th, 2019: DRIPX: 210.42%

                                                                              Category: 160.43%

                10 years ending February 28th, 2019: DRIPX: 329.89%

                                                                              Category: 273.35%

                5 years ending February 28th, 2019: DRIPX: 55.83%

                                                                            Category: 41.73%

                3 years ending February 28th, 2019: DRIPX: 44.69%

                                                                          Category: 42.16%

                12 months ending February 28th, 2019: DRIPX: 6.61%

                                                                                Category: 1.97%

Earning an overall 4-star Morningstar ranking for the past three years, five years, and 10 years. (Morningstar does not rank shorter than after three years.)

Running the fund with a lower expense ratio than its peer group. The fund’s expense ratio (as per latest semi-annual report) is 0.70%, compared with 1.02% for the category.

Maintaining a low annual portfolio turnover—as of the last quarterly report: 2.48%

Providing more down market protection during down periods than the S&P 500.

                Worst year for the fund (since fund inception): 2008: -31.10%. 

                Worst year for the S&P (since fund inception): 2008: -37%

Providing our investors with an increasing dividend over the past 20 years. Growing from 6 cents in 1999 to 41 cents in 2018.

And finally, DRIPX received the Gold Medal from Morningstar, which means that Morningstar analysts believe that the fund has the ingredients to outperform its peers in the future.


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